Q: Does the straight cover fit a curved.
A: No it does not. We continue to work to find a good solution unfortunately we have not been successful finding a tooling method to produce it. 

Q: How do you eliminate the glare into the cab when using a insert.
A: It is very easy to fix this if it bothers you. Tape off the face with painters tape 3/4″ before the front ribs. Then paint the rest with Satin black spray paint. You can also watch this video on Youtube. Copy this link into your browser https://youtu.be/9UdpN5mUXH8


Q: Will the light bar fly off?
A: It is not the responsibility of Aerox to maintain the attachment points of the light bar. We recommend that all light bars be fastened using bolt holes not slots. The upward force of the air can push the light bar out of its mounts when using the slotted section of some mounts. Make sure your attachment bolts are tight before installation of your new Aerolidz and maintain this regularly if you are removing and installing your Aerolidz a lot.

Q: Will the light bar over heat?
A: No the Aerolidz is open on both sides and along the entire length of the back. The heat radiates as intended while in use.

Q: Why is there two sizes listed on the listing?
A: The product can be trimmed to length by cutting it with a powered miter saw. Please see our video on youtube and our website.

Q: How do we clean the Aerolidz cover?
A: Soap and water, Plastic cleaner, Plastic polish, ceramic coating are all good sources. To clean the inside you can roll up a hand towel and slide in side. Use a broom stick to push the length of the Aerolidz.

Q: How do I clean the inserts?
A: Very gently wipe with soap and water. DO NOT USE ANY CHEMICALS

Q: Does the curved face effect the light out put?
A: NO it does reflect some light into the cab and on the hood but not much more than without.

Q: What is the difference between single row and dual row?

A: The difference is the width of the light bar. Single rows are very slim with widths of 1.5" to 2" Dual row lights are taller measuring in at 2.8" to 3"

Q; Is it safe to take cover into carwash:

A: Yes we have tested it on our own vehicles without a problem. The cover must be securely fastened to the right size light bar shown in our how to section. If your cover moves around easily you need to secure it with a zip tie or a Velcro strap before entering. You can always ask the car wash attendant to turn off the beater bar above.