Rebel Flag


Rebel flag insert. 52″ long and can be trimmed down. Insert can be back lit by the light bar to illuminate the red back ground.

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This rebel flag light bar insert features the stars and bars.

  • This light bar insert is designed to slide into the AeroX Industries AeroLidz light bar silencer.
  • We make each insert from strong, flexible material that allows for years of use.
  • Accessorize your truck with this, or any of our other light bar silencer inserts.
  • Remove and reuse the insert as often as you like.

At AeroX, we set out to build the best light bar silencers and inserts that look great. Match this insert to your truck or SUV, and turn on the light bar to see the flag lit up. Each one of our inserts is flexible and easy to insert, remove, and store, so you can put it in when you want and take it out just as quick to remove it. Shop with us to find strong, simple-to-install light bar silencers that really work and that are easy on your wallet.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 2 in

52 inch, 32 inch


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