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Our RGB Chasing LED Light Bars are incredible, we take them a step further with our aerodynamic light bar covers. If you didn’t buy your light bar with us, you can still take advantage of our light bar covers since they are also sold separately. Whether you have a 20-22”, 30-32”, or 50-52” light bar, our light bar cover will fit your rig! The AeroLidz Light Bar Cover provides a universal fit for Straight Dual Row LED light bars with a 2.8” to 3.5” housing face.

If your Jeep has a light bar that you’ve purchased elsewhere, chances are you’re familiar with the whistling noise it makes when driving at high speeds. Our LED Light Bar Covers are aerodynamic, so they completely eliminate the loud noise that light bars make while you’re driving. The AeroX light bar silencer is the best way to stop light bar noise while you drive.

Our light bar covers come in both crystal clear or a smoked tint, which allows for you to customize to the style and look you’re going for. Aside from the aesthetic of a cool light bar cover, you get the practicality of it as well. 

For those who take their Jeep off-road, you’re familiar with the potential dangers of the trail. From rogue tree branches to rocks and pebbles, off-roading in your Jeep can lead to damage to your vehicle, including, of course, your LED light bar.

The AeroLidz LED Light Bar Cover will protect your LED Light Bar from off-road elements like rain, rocks, branches, and more! Made from extra-strong material, our covers can handle the elements and resists UV rays. Shop our LED Light Bar Covers at AeroLidz today and don’t forget to customize your cover with our incredible inserts.

You’ll love our LED Light Bar Covers just like so many other Jeep fanatics do but just in case you got the wrong size or had a change of heart, AeroLidz offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on your LED Light Bar Cover!

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